Members take advantage of opportunities at club meetings to practice and sharpen their flower arranging skills and knowledge of gardening. Members are informed about horticultural practices, environmental issues, and the significance of nature in our daily lives. Membership is comprised of Active, Sustaining, Nonresident, and Honorary members. 

The 2021-2022 Meeting Minutes are available for members to review. Contact the Yearbook Committee to request password access.


The club also participates in outreach projects in the Alexandria community and disburses funds to organizations that club members vote upon each year.

Articles of Organization

Any changes to the Articles of Organization will be voted on by the membership of the Club. Changes will be proposed and discussed at one meeting and the voice vote will take place at the next meeting. A simple majority of members voting will constitute approval of the proposed change.

RHGC Article of Organization Update 2022

“Red Hill Garden Club is my ‘passion.’ Every time I get a new calendar our monthly meetings are the first thing I mark on it! I love the congenial members, the interesting programs about everything from bees to floral design presentations, not to mention the fun and the challenge of creating arrangements every month in hopes of winning a blue ribbon.” RHGC Member