Garden Club of Virginia

This website is an absolute must! While our club does not technically fall under this designation, thankfully all gardeners love to share information!  For any of our existing members this website has the very best resource for budding flower designers and wonderful detailed descriptions on flower designs and styles with pictures of the actual type of design so that when you are attempting something new you can actually SEE what you are trying to accomplish. Garden Clubs of Virginia also is the organization that puts on “Historic Garden Week” with fabulous tours of gardens all over Virginia. Additional information on projects and conservation that is ongoing can be found here also. They also host the annual Daffodil Show in Richmond.

National Capital Area Garden Clubs

This is a wonderful website to visit to learn about the local districts meetings and events. Well written newsletters are archived so that you may go and read any that you are interested in on a variety of topics. The National Capital Area is divided into four districts with clubs among each. They have listings by district of all the clubs that are searchable and can help people interested in finding a local club in their area.

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

We encourage everyone to visit this website to learn more about the history of Garden Clubs in the United States and what so many ladies have accomplished while forming wonderful friendships. Started humbly in 1891 the first garden club was established as a non profit and has blossomed to include 50 state clubs, and the National Capital Area, 5,000 member garden clubs and 175,000 members across America. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, NGC boasts 60 national affiliate programs and nearly 330 international affiliate programs including Canada, Bermuda and Japan.

“RHGC is a community that allows us to share with and learn from others what we love about our gardening experiences.” RHGC Member

The Washington Daffodil Society

Member Recipes

View original and shared recipes recommended by our members. The list will be updated as new recipes are submitted.